Taste of Home

Jang Won prioritize on maintaining the original taste of dishes and authenticity of Korean cuisine . At Jang Won, we put continuous effort to provide more of health-conscious choices, using fresh and organic ingredients. Our dishes reflect tradition, yet modernized choice to satisfy the taste buds of all people.

Traditional Cuisine

Korean cuisine reflects tradition and culture of Korea, and now it is loved by the world, being recognized as one of the healthiest foods. Jang Won provides nutritionally balanced and healthy meal, just like the taste of food that you can have it at home.

Jang Won, Our History

Korean cuisine in this century is now winning the hearts of food lovers with two distinct characteristics; fermentation and tradition. We have put our dedication and commitmment to remaining the distinctive flavors and texture of Korean cuisine.

Jang Won has been remarked as one of the restaurants opt for traditional Korean dining experience, remaining the originality of Korean cuisine from long time ago. Serving authentic Korean cuisine of high quality, while remaining the same taste is our promise to customers.

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